aTXT is a new publishing. It is a book, which composed of a binder and several fascicles and published in a time span. It is an open book till all fascicles of the book are published and collected in the binder; then it will be assumed that the book is done or closed.

Each book is launched with a gathering when the binder and the first few of the fascicles are published. The gatherings are to launch the book and present the fascicles by the authors and aims at creating a platform to discuss the issues introduced by the editor of the book and the authors. Gatherings for a book are repeated several times when the new fascicles published, till the book is closed.

aTXT is a live book. aTXT aims at creating a series of discussions on the topic of each book along the way until the book reaches its static, ordinary existence; until it is closed. aTXT gives the editors and authors the chance to present themselves and discuss their stance, ideas, questions with the readers; not as an option but as a structural feature. These gatherings will also be an opportunity for the editor to reshape the book along the way by commissioning new fascicles, the need for which is assessed during the discussions.

We believe there is still some time until the paper is subject to nostalgia. We still prefer books or printed materials for serious readings. We also believe every –good- book is apt to raise more attention and create a wider discussion. aTXT is a book format; it is alive, interactive and open to participation; also may dynamically take its final shape along the way.

aTXT is a network as well. Independent institutions in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa are a member of aTXT network, which organize gatherings and publish books in aTXT format when applicable as well as distribute the aTXT books, binders, and fascicles as published. All the aTXT fascicles are published in English and -when possible -in the original language, it is written. English fascicles are distributed over the network. Initial members of aTXT are Cervana in Sarajevo and Racine in Casablanca and TOP e.V. in Berlin; this network is to extend.

There are matters that we believe we need to talk about for a better future. aTXT is the simplest, sustainable and an effective way to create a platform for critical discussions; moderated but free and open.



A xTXT book is a collection of printed materials on a topic; has a title. Books are always edited by single or a group of editors and hold content provided by a group of authors. Each book consists of a binder and several fascicles; created by editor(s) and authors.


Binder holds the fascicles together. Each book has a binder specific to the book. Binders designed DIY style, instructions can be found on the xTXT website.


Fascicles consist of single content, which can be an article, an artwork, a documentary, an essay, a scientific paper; anything can be represented on paper is subject to a fascicle. Fascicles form the content of the book. Fascicles can be downloaded from the xTXT website and print at home as well.


aTXT is also a production and distribution network. A book can be open with a gathering in İstanbul where the few of fascicles published and may continue another gathering in Casablanca where other fascicles of the book published and both go to the same open aTXT book with maybe other gatherings and fascicles till it is closed. English versions of all fascicles of a book can be found in all network nodes. Any node can open their own book with or without collaborating with other nodes.


Gatherings are public meetings where the books and/or fascicles are presented and sold. Gatherings are also the platforms to create and maintain live discussions on topics introduced by the books.

Wine, Cheese, and Bread are what is served during or at the end of a gathering, but not limited to; variations always brings richness. is the website which holds the content of all the fascicles published under the name of aTXT book series. All fascicles are in pdf format and ready to download, print and add to the binder to complete related book. The fascicles are free to download on registration on the website.

Editorial Board:

Editorial board consist of members from initiator network nodes. Editorial board invites editors, propose topics for books and maintain the quality as an international publication.


BIS Yayınları is the publisher of aTXT, which is an amberPlatform activity.
amberPlatform consist of a wide group of people working, creating and thinking since 2007 about science, technology, art, and society. amberPlatform has an extended group of interested readers, participants, collaborators, editors, authors, and supporters.


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